Satoshi Circle Review

Founded in 2013 and sporting 5 different payout weighted wheels, Satoshi Circle is one of, if not the most well known ‘spin the wheel’ type of betting game for Bitcoin. As the name suggests, this game consists of a wheel, which begins to spin the moment a user clicks ‘Spin Circle!’. Ever since its launch in early 2013, the site has attracted a large user base. These users have collectively made over 12,520,250 spins using one of multiple provably wheels.
As soon as the page loads, the user is brought face to face with a simple yet very secure (

A user’s stats are saved each time through the use of a unique URL (which should be bookmarked for future use). Additionally, extra features are tucked neatly away in a menu tab at the top right of the screen. When hovering over this tab it unfolds to show the sections ‘How to Play’ ‘Provably Fair’ ‘Faq’ ‘Withdraw Bitcoins’ and ‘Contact Us’.

Currently the contact us tab is not functioning properly.

At this point in time, Satoshi Circle’s house edge is 1.76% compared to the usual Bitcoin gambling site average of 1%. As the betting progresses, the 50/50, 5x, 10x and 15x Wheels are unlocked as a user accumulates a specific number of wheel spins and/or reward points, which are gained as more Bitcoins are wagered. The 5x circle is unlocked at 500 spins, 10x circles at 1000 spins and the 15x circle unlocked at 500,000 reward points.

A major advantage this gambling site has over others is the incorporation of monthly draws which give you the possibility of winning up to 5 btc if you accumulate the most reward points during 1 month’s time! Similarly to most online casinos, Satoshi Circle provides a great affiliate program which pays you 7.5% of their house take on ALL wagered amounts from users you refer.

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Everything from the wheel animations to the reward points system has been executed perfectly. We can understand why this casino based on such a simple idea is so hugely popular!
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