Satoshi Dice Legacy Review

Satoshi Dice is undoubtedly one of the most well-known names in the Bitcoin gambling industry. The casino offers provably-fair bets “on the blockchain”, and it is responsible for a large amount of Bitcoin network transactions. Players can win from 1.004x their original bet, up to 64000x, depending on the winning odds selected.

The house edge of Satoshi Dice is 1.9%, for most bets, except for the less than 1 bet, where the house edge is 1.844%.
There is no user interface, or client software for Satoshi Dice. Instead, a player would pick an address on the site with their preferred winning odds, and send a Bitcoin transaction. The service determines whether it is a win or a loss using the provably fair system.

A transaction is sent back to the player, with either the winning payout, or a small portion of the bet to indicate a loss. This process usually only takes a few seconds.

However, there have been delays in processing bets in the past.

Satoshi Dice was acquired by an undisclosed buyer for 126,315 BTC in July 2013 (approximately $11.5 million at the time of the sale). The casino boasts relatively high maximum bets compared to other sites. It continues to pay out all bets.

The casino offers a Live Chat button on the website for customer support, as well as support via email. The Satoshi Dice support team also maintains a presence in the Bitcoin forum, where issues regarding the casino are addressed.
Players from the United States are blocked from accessing the website. However, they are still able to make bets and receive winnings, since it is impossible to enforce his rule on the Bitcoin network. It is widely speculated that the reason for this ban is to avoid legal issues.

The casino does not offer any promotions, or bonuses to players. Promotions are not compatible with the current casino structure, as there are no user accounts.

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While Satoshi Dice does lack in fancy animations and a user interface, the casino offers simple and fast bets for its players.
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