Ascaso Factory was born in 1962 in Barcelona and founded by J. Ascaso.
In 2012 we celebrated 50 years of our “espresso project”. COFFEE MACHINES DIVISION: Manufactures a complete range of professional coffee machines and grinders.

In the beginning, the company was specialized in manufacturing of components for espresso coffee machines.

Today, the company has expanded its activity with the growth and consolidation of new areas of business. As well as strengthening the progress of the company, brought the idea of manufacturing our own coffee machines.

Nowadays, Ascaso Factory has more than 10.000 m2 dedicated to the espresso world.

Ascaso Factory is formed by 2 professional divisions:
Components for Horeca Machinery.

8 sections:
Coffee machines and Coffee Grinders,Washer,Ice,Refrigeration, Gas, Vending and Small Machinery.
Coffee Machines
Coffee Machines and Coffee Grinders (own production).

Extended high quality range. Professional system.