SatoshiBet Review

Bitcoin Reviewer 4 января 2014 г., 19:08 SatoshiBet is a Bitcoin casino that stands out amongst most Bitcoin casinos. The interface of the site is very user-friendly, with very self-explanatory features as well as near-instant deposits and withdrawals of your funds. The first aspect I noticed was that neither an account, nor Bitcoins, were actually needed to play! The site provides the user with play-chips to get a feel for the site and its games before depositing actual money.

If the user wants to play with real money, they are given an address (optional QR-code) to send their BTC to. Once you deposit the funds, you are rewarded almost instantly without the need of confirmations for the transaction to be completed.

Also, keep in mind that the site uses mBTC(0.001 BTC) as its unit of Bitcoin, which is much more appealing than decimals displaying fractions in my opinion.

Once the user deposits funds onto the site, without the need of an account, they are presented with the option of playing any of the three familiar casino games presented, Roulette, War, and Lucky 7. All Three of these games have very slick and responsive interfaces, outdoing most other gambling sites. If your are not familiar with these three games, there is a very explanatory “help” button in the top left of each interface. In each game, the user is also provided with options to customize how they play by adjusting the bet amounts and multipliers.

If you choose to play the “Roulette” game, you can see your odds of winning displayed via the help button.

Most sites seem to stray away from this, but Satoshibet goes above and beyond by displaying all of your payout odds in a well-organized table. In summary, “Roulette” is a game where the computer spins a wheel, causing a ball to spin around landing on any number ranging from 0-36. The player’s job is to guess which number the ball will land on, and is rewarded based on how many numbers he chose each round. For example, if the player chooses the number 6 and wins, he will have won less than if he chose both 6 and 17. The expected return to the player is around 97.3%.

The “Casino War” game is the most simple out of the three. To play, you first decide the size of your best. Once you have decided, two cards at random slide onto the screen (smooth transition with a very nice sound effect). The winner is decided by whose card is higher in value. The minimum bet is 0.001 mBTC and the maximum bet is 1000 mBTC. The expected return to the player is around 97.12%.

“Lucky 7″ is a classic slot-machine game, with its modifiers displayed in via the “help” button. This is my favorite game because of its nice graphics and smooth transitions between the spins of the machine. The current jackpot is displayed in the middle of the screen, which helps to keep the player yearning for more. The user interface is very straight forward, containing the amount of Bitcoins you wish to bet, a “Spin” button, and a nice little “Auto-Spin” feature. The auto-spin feature allows the user to select their bet amount and watch the game replay over and over without the need of constant clicking. This provides a very nice and relaxing experience for those that want to bet small amounts at a time. The minimum bet is 0.001 mBTC and the maximum bet is 50 mBTC. The expected return to the player is an astonishing 99.6%, which is very appealing for any gambling game.

Satoshibet also has a poker client in development.

Currently there are 3 rooms to play No-Limit Texas Hold’em at, but very few players. The interface of the lobby and the tables are very appealing with little to no delay, so this could have a very bright future. Make sure to keep in mind are that the site is provably fair, as explained for each individual game. Although you may not be very interested, Satoshibet displays all of its statistics on the front page. It displays everything from number of games played, total player winnings, latest winners, and the current jackpot size. Although this may seem unimportant or a waste of space to some, it serves as backing to the site’s legitimacy by showing good history.

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SatoshiBet Review
In summary, Satoshibet is a very unique site which allows players to gamble Bitcoins with a very sharp and responsive interface without the need of an account.
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