SatoshiDice Tribute Review

SatoshiDice Tribute is currently closed for maintenance. The website will open no earlier than December 15th.
SatoshiDice Tribute is a “fast and fierce social dice game” from the company which acquired Satoshi Dice in 2013. The game is played inside a web browser, unlike SatoshiDice Legacy, where dice rolls take place on the blockchain.
The house edge at SatoshiDice is 1.9%, which is slightly higher compared to other similar dice games, but much lower than in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos.

The game is provably fair, just like the old Satoshi Dice.

The SatoshiDice website has been improved significantly. When entering the website for the first time, you will be greeted with a silver face (the spirit of Satoshi), and a box to enter a payout address. After entering an address, you can start playing immediately; there is no sign-up required.

There is a live chat feature, which can be used to interact with other players. There is a built-in Martingale betting button, which will lets you double your bet automatically, until you win. Also, you can watch dice rolls take place, and view your own bet statistics.

One of the most unique features of the game is ‘Tribute’, which rewards the top three players with a fraction of every bet made. It is an exciting way for frequent players to be rewarded. Tribute rankings are calculated with several factors, which include the player’s total wager, and number of dice rolls made. To give players a better chance of becoming Tribute royalty, the rankings are reset daily.

The rewards for Tribute are:

  1. King – 1st place: 0.1% of every wager made on SatoshiDice
  2. Lord – 2nd place: 0.05% of every wager
  3. Jester – 3rd place: 0.02% of every wager

In addition, a new featured called ‘Moods’ has been incorporated into the game. It is not clear how it affects the game, but SatoshiDice has said that it will be more significant in the future.
At the time of writing, the software on SatoshiDice Tribute is slow, and glitchy. BinaryFate, a Bitcoin Talk forum member, has said that, “I’m rather surprised that SD was valued to millions of $ worth of BTC, and they released something so buggy that needed so much “live” fixing over several days.”

It appears to us that the SatoshiDice team was unprepared for the website’s launch. They are currently working on fixing the issues in the website.

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SatoshiDice Tribute Review
Despite the issues encountered during the website’s launch, SatoshiDice Tribute looks like it has the potential to become one of the best Bitcoin dice sites.
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